Our attorneys have represented individuals and entities in a wide range of matters, from criminal investigations and prosecutions, to issues of reputation management, including protection from harassment and attempted extortion.  We have defended clients accused of securities fraud, commodities fraud, health care fraud, accounting fraud, insurance fraud, violations of election laws, improper importation of antiquities, theft and embezzlement, bribery, controlled substances offenses, domestic violence, assault, homicide, international parental kidnapping, theft of government services, illegal gambling, state and federal tax offenses and offenses involving weapons and explosives. We also provide guidance on social media postings in regulated industries.

We maintain an unrelenting focus on defending our clients – whether they be individuals or entities – against any kind of allegation.  Our clients engage us at the most difficult times in their lives, with their livelihoods, and often liberty at stake.  We believe in the duty of zealous advocacy and will learn every detail about our client’s matter so that we may effectively represent their interests.

We are a known entity in the courtroom and are always ready to take a case to trial, where necessary.  Our reputation as fierce courtroom advocates allows us to obtain excellent resolutions through negotiation, as federal and state prosecutors know that we are prepared to litigate if we do not obtain an acceptable result.

We are creative thinkers and work to identify and exploit any legal strategy that will serve our clients.  Our team utilizes a network of investigators, forensic specialists and experts to put our clients in the best possible position to protect their interests