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MSF News Alert: GRAZIA Magazine – Mitch Schuster: The Real-Life Ray Donovan

MSF Crisis Management Chair, Mitch Schuster sits down for an exclusive interview with GRAZIA Magazine to provide a glimpse into his specialty practice and how he successfully and strategically represents professional athletes, entertainers and high-net worth clients in crisis situations.

First things first: Mitch Schuster is not the kind of guy who normally sits down for an interview about his job. “I’d love to be able to tell you all the gory details. But, you know, that would kind of defeat the whole purpose of what I do,” he starts off. “The way I try to explain it is this: I help manage problems for the kind of people who value their privacy.” Some of Schuster’s clients are blameless; others are reaping the consequences of bad decisions. Either way, the negative publicity generated by their actions could be damning to not only those who hire him, but also their families, their employees, or their brand. The key is to deal with these sorts of situations quickly, quietly, and professionally. That’s why his Rolodex of athletes, actors, business leaders, and other A-listers know what to do when they find their name in the headlines: Better call Mitch.

Mitchell Schuster

Mitchell Schuster
Partner & Chair | Crisis Management | Commercial Litigation | P: (212) 655-3549