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MSF Client Alert – Coronavirus Guidance – Real Estate

In light of the rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe and within the United States,
property owners and landlords are facing many challenges on how best to protect the health and
safety of tenants and staff, while balancing the needs of workers and businesses.

While the impact of COVID-19 will be unique to every business, the following are some issues to consider:
  • Stay in the Know
  • Communicate Openly and Frequently with Tenants
  • Assess Your Risk
  • Prepare to Implement Response Plans
  • Confer with Building Vendors
  • Enact Employee Safety Measures
  • Adhere to Privacy Requirements
  • Cybersecurity Considerations
  • Review Your Leases and Legal Obligations


Stephen B. Meister
Founder | Partner, Real Estate and Commercial Litigation
Matthew E. Kasindorf
Partner | Chair, Real Estate
Scott A. Newmark
Partner | Co-Chair Real Estate
Lawrence Bartelemucci
Lawrence J. Bartelemucci
Partner | Chair, Construction, Real Estate
Christy Reuter
Christy L. Reuter
Partner | Chair, Hospitality, Real Estate
Robin Topol
Robin L. Topol
Partner | Real Estate