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Matthew Kasindorf receives Excellence in Teaching Award

Real Estate Department Co-chair Matthew Kasindorf received the coveted “Award for Teaching Excellence” from New York University Dean Robert S. Lapiner for his work at the renowned NYU Real Estate Institute Masters Program.

“As soon as Matt walked into my office for an interview, I knew he had the right stuff. Aside from his poise, polish, and preparation, it was clear immediately that this was a person that our students would love. As an attorney working on the most complex financial deals, my first inclination was to assign him to a finance class, but Matt wanted to stick with his roots and chose to teach the Legal Principles and Practices core course. He was an instant and huge success. When we think of the phrase ‘the smartest guys in the room,’ we think of Matt. He presents material with clarity and an engaging style that is unique and appealing. His student evaluations hum with praise every semester. We are truly delighted to be able to recognize Matt for his superb contribution to our school.” -Daniel Boffey, former director, Administration and Programs, NYU Real Estate Institute