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MSF Coronavirus Guidance

The global COVID-19 Pandemic, also known as the Coronavirus, is unprecedented. While pandemics are part of human history, none have occurred at a time when the global economy is so interconnected. Thankfully, modern medical science reduces COVID-19’s threat to human lives, but the modern interconnected economy increases COVID-19’s threat to human livelihood. COVID-19 has the potential to be more disruptive to the global economy than the September 11th terrorists’ attacks and the 2008 bursting of the housing bubble and follow-on Great Recession.

Business will face both tremendous challenges and opportunities. Smart business leaders know they must prepare to meet these challenges and proactively cultivate business development opportunities.

To be prepared, businesses will need smart, nimble counsel that can respond to issues arising on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

To help, we have created the MSF COVID-19 Task Force, a group of seasoned commercial and business focused lawyers that will monitor developments and share ideas. As events unfold, MSF’s COVID-19 Task Force will use this space as a central location to share their expertise.

Specific questions can be directed to the MSF COVID-19 Task Force members:

Howard S. Koh, Chair
bio | hsk@msf-law.com
Thomas L. Friedman
bio | tlf@msf-law.com
Scott A. Newmark
bio | san@msf-law.com
Christy L. Reuter
bio | clr@msf-law.com
Robin L. Topol
bio | rlt@msf-law.com
Gregg M. Kligman
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